World War Online, the international strategy war game!

Welcome to the World War Online WikiaEdit

World War Online is a PvP Massive Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy Browser Game. The main objective is for Squads of players to conquer Capitals and get points for the Leaderboard. At the end of each Season, which lasts around 4 months, the podium is raised and the winners get real, physical medals as a reward. Then, a new Season of epic battles begins.

World War Online - Pure PVP MMORTS with Real-Life Medals01:13

World War Online - Pure PVP MMORTS with Real-Life Medals

Available UnitsEdit

In World War Online, You can train multiple units to destroy your enemies in Battle. You get to choose between Infantry Units, War Tanks, Fighter Jets and Warships.

List of Units
Resource List
Base List

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