When you are part of a Squad, you can Support your Squadmates in Battle by sending your units to aid them to victory. There are two types of Support:

  • Offensive Support: During a Squadmate's Outgoing Attack, you can Support him by sending units to help. Supporting units must reach the Target before the Battle takes place, so it is generally advised to already have a group of units ready inside the District where your Squadmate is attacking;
  • Defensive Support: You can send your units to your Squadmate's Bases to defend them from enemy attacks. You can also defend your Squadmate's District Army, though, unlike Bases, District Armies require an incoming attack to be imminent.

Supporting Squadmates can send up to a combined total of 5 extra Units and they can't send identical units among themselves. As such, you can be Supported by an extra group of F-22 Raptors from a Squadmate even if you already sent them attack. However, a third Squadmate cannot send F-22 Raptors because there is already a group of them being sent to support. This means that there can be up to two groups of the same unit type in each side of the Battlefield.

Support Groups also have a separate Budget. This Budget is equivalent to the Budget available to the attacking player and it is shared among all players who send Support Units.

Squad Attacks Edit

Squad Attacks are an extra feature available to members of a Squad. When you're about to send an attack, you can make it a Squad Attack by clicking in the "Squad Attack" option before sending the attack.

When you decide to send a Squad Attack, a notification will appear to all of your Squadmates informing them of your intention. During this time, they'll have the ability to add their own units to the attack before it is sent. This allows for extra time to strategically pick the units to Support with without giving the enemy a heads-up of the incoming attack.

Squad Attacks have a time limit of 30 minutes. If it is not sent in this time period, it is automatically cancelled.

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