Squads are united groups of players with a collective goal; together they can conquer Capitals, compete in the Leaderboard or Support each other in Battles. You can find a list of recruiting Squads in the Squad Recruitment Dashboard. Each Squad may have up to 12 members, 4 of which may be from a foreign country. Additionally, each Squad has one Squad Leader and up to three Squad Captains with additional Squad-Related rights.

  • The Squad Leader (generally the player who created the Squad) has access to every tool in the Squad, including accepting Squad Bank Requests, forming and breaking Alliances, accepting new members and choosing Squad Captains or a new Squad Leader;
  • The Squad Captains are the seconds-in-command and they have control over many Squad Features with the exception of selecting new Squad Captains or a new Squad Leader.

Squad Features:

  • Squad Bank: In the Squad Bank you can request Resources in times of need. It generates Resources every 12 hours depending on the production of the Squad's Members. You can request Resources in the Resources section;
  • Battle Support: Squadmates have the ability to Support each other defensively and offensively in Battle;
  • Conquer Capitals: Attacks against Capitals are only available to players in a Squad;
  • Squad Chat: Squads have internal Chats to communicate. There are also alliance-specific Chats;
  • Squad Milestones: Squad Milestones are collective objectives that, when completed, will give the Squad Members WWO-Influence Perks.

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