Spying is an offensive action you can take against an enemy's Base or Army. When you send a spy to a target Base or Army, your spy will immediately come back with some information about it, most importantly the Units that are defending the target, which will be what you fight if you send an Attack. When you spy a Base or an Army, a Report will be added to your Spy Reports. Some additional information about Spy Reports:

  • Spy Reports only last for 3 hours;
  • Spy Reports do not update while they are active, so if you fear that your enemy has added more units to defend his Base, it might be worth it to spend an extra Spy just to make sure;
  • Spying a target never reveals your identity to him.

Spy Costs Edit

Spying an enemy may cost more than 1 spy depending on your enemy's Military Power comparing to yours. You can have up to 10 Spies at once and you receive one every 30 minutes. You can also spend a short amount of WWO-Influence to instantly receive 10 Spies if you spend all the ones you have.

Additionally, the cost of spying Capital Bases depends on the Capital Military Power instead of the player who owns it.

Spy cost test

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