District Edit

Districts are small sectors that each Continent is separated into. They're where players can find Bases or build new ones. There are 3 main types of Districts:

Guerrilla Edit

These compose the majority of the World Map. You can build Military Bases in these Districts;

Coastal Edit

These are also Guerilla districts, but are located next to a bed of water. Players can use these Districts to Build Military Bases that have the capacity to produce Navy Units.

Capital Edit

Country Capitals are only accessible to players within a Squad. They have a fixed amount of Bases. If you're a member of a Squad, you can attack and conquer these Bases to earn points in the Leaderboard through Capital Warfare.

Sidebar Edit

When a player opens a district they will also open with it a sidebar that contains all the necessary info about this district including:

  • Buttons
    • Manage Defense: This button will be available if you have units in the district that you can set up on the battlefield in case you get attacked.
    • Train Units: This button will be available if you have a Military Base in the District or it is a district that contains your Headquarters, both which allow you to Train Units.
    • Move In: This button allows you to select Units from anywhere on the World Map, to move to the district that is selected.
  • Your current Defense Setup
  • Your Army in the District
  • Armies in the district belonging to other Squads or Guerilla Armies (Not belonging to a Squad)
  • The 5 latest battles in the last 2 Hours.

Keeping the District Sidebar open (By not leaving the district, you can watch all the latest battles that are occurring in the district in real time.

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